About Kathleen Hall Photography

Kathleen HallKathleen Hall is a Tampa Bay based portrait photographer specializing in headshots and business portraits. I create portraits that are authentic, approachable and that inspire confidence. We work together to create high quality images that show your professionalism as well as your personality.

Marketing is harder these days. And easier. Clients have almost instant access to your site, your product and you. With so much information inundating each prospective client, every business is working more to make a personal connection with their clients. One way of doing this is through the many online avenues that are available. Websites, LinkedIn, Facebook to name a few.   Most every contact that a prospective client sees needs to be more personalized to bring them in and help them to choose you over your competitor.

Personalizing online and print advertisements is even more important than it was. A great corporate headshot or business portrait puts a face to the buying decision. And will help your clients make the decision to choose you.

The best professional headshot is created by someone who specializes in people. At Kathleen Hall Photography, we have been photographing people for over 20 years. With our wealth of experience, we know how to light and pose our clients to bring out their best features. Clients have trusted us for many years to help them put their best face forward. Let us help you to look your best in your advertising.

Please give us a call or email us to discuss your photography needs. We would love to work with you to create great images for you to use in your marketing this year.

To better serve your individual needs, we work only on location.